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Based on article 1 of the articles of association of the Investment Guarantee Fund for SMEs, the Fund was established under supervision of Ministry of Industries, Mines and Trade, its head office is located in Tehran and it is subject to the Law on establishment of the Investment Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises ratified in 2004 and in case of silence of the law, it will be subject to the relevant rules and regulations.
Object of the Fund:
To help with the development of small enterprises by guaranteeing maximum 70% (up to 85% in less developed areas) of the principal and interest of facilities granted by banks and financial and credit institutes to enterprises and to use the administered funds and other financial resources within the scope of industrial policies and development plans of the country concerning the establishment, development, improvement and renovation, circulating capital, development of subcontracting, research and development, purchase of technology, technical know-how and laboratory equipment, development human resources as well as performing other affairs in order to realize the Fund’s goals.

SMEs Investment Guarantee Fund

Address: No. 15 -  7th St - Bokharest Ave. - Tehran - Iran

Tel : +9821-88553363
Fax : +9821- 88550740
SMS : +9821-88553363


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